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Financial Help Services

1920946Are you dealing with financial strain and need help paying bills? Well, there is a list of financial help resources available from all levels of government, local and and national charities and non-for-profit organizations. Help with rent, utilities assistance, emergency cash assistance, financial help for senior citizens and low-income families, and housing for veterans are just some of the financial help services provided.

Millions of families receive federal, state and local and government financial assistance each year. Fifty percent of Americans face financial problems caused by joblessness, injury, family emergency or illness. We provide financial assistance resources to help you locate services that offer financial help to care for your family in hard times. If you need help paying bills, are facing eviction and need rent assistance, utilities assistance or home repairs, medical assistance, child care you will find an agency or organization that can help you.

If you need financial help arm yourself with the knowledge on where to find the right help for your financial circumstances. Some people don’t know to ask for help or they don’t know where to go for help but there are government agencies and local nonprofits that can offer emergency aid. Take advantage of temporary financial help and use it to get yourself back on your feet and on solid ground. A little research and some footwork can keep you from getting mired in long-term financial distress.

If you need help paying bills then use this financial help services as stepping stones to managing bills and debt. Many people who want to work are failing to find jobs that pay all of their rent or groceries or utilities bills and the 2008 recession cost the US workers job loss to NAFTA, outsourcing of white-color jobs. Workers now have to take low-wage jobs and what was once the middle class is now the be-thankful-you-got-a-job class. The working poor also benefits from the system in place that offers financial help to work their way out of poverty and find living wage jobs or better.

You are eligible for government financial help if your gross income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty guidelines. Nonprofits like American Assistance and Crisis Assistance Ministry, which are funded by government and private donations, also provide financial help for people who need help paying bills. Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul are Christian nonprofits that provide assistance. These services are also funded by the federal government and donations and distribute help wherever needed.

Every state has a Department of Social Services where you can get help with bills. The types of financial help resources available include bill payment assistance, utility payment help, help with medical bills, rental assistance, Temporary Cash Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), food stamps (SNAP), telephone bill help, financial assistance grants, help for single mothers, mortgage payment assistance, medical bills assistance, gas bill help, electric bill assistance, student financial aid, and prescription refill help. Apply for help at each location by filling out an online application or visiting the local branch. These programs help the most vulnerable populations

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